Wednesday, May 23, 2007

youth these days....

Microsoft’s Caroline Vogt presents an exclusive sneak preview of CIRCUITS OF COOL. A global research study into the relationship between youth and technology.

This number raised a fair bit of philosophical inquiry:

Are youth becoming increasingly similar because of technology?
Are we witnessing a technological youth?
Has technology meant that the needs of youth have changed?
Is technology escapism or connectivity?
Does adoption mean engagement?
The dynamics of semantics: Who’s talking burning, downloading, googling it?

Did you know....?

Blogging is highest in China at 73%. In Brasil and Mexico it falls at 19%
Brasil, India and China are most interested in technology.
Brazil comes out highest in social networking and IM and Japan comes out lowest.
Texting in New Zealand is at 95%; in Germany is at 93% and in Japan at 5%.

How do you use the internet – to search, communicate, inform, entertain?

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baza said...

interesting to see in a later chart microsoft and coca-cola train the next generation of inner city graffity artists. Is that still PC ;-)

also interesting to see we are supposed to fish where the fish are but just one sentence later niche targeting is told to be successful.

john said...

Some interesting stats on the different uses of technologies across cultures. The most surprising to me is how low the use of texting in Japan is.

baza said...

I recently heard most log ins into the net in japan are done with mobile devices.

Japan is different. Maybe the fact Kanji writing is so different makes use of technology so different.

Japan was pioneer of imode, Japanese will be the pioneers of mobile internet. they might have just jumped the age of texting we are still in.