Monday, May 21, 2007

Blogger/Quasi-Stalker #1

As someone who will be following the every move of the convention attendees, I thought I should introduce myself (picture included), so that I won't be mistaken for a stalker or someone's manic ex-girlfriend.
My name is Kristen Kielhorn, a copywriter in my 7th Quarter at Miami Ad School. Cultivated in the MidWest, I can guarantee you'll catch me saying things like "pop" instead of soda (or cola or whatever you guys call it) and adding an " 's " to any store, hotel or restuarant name. I have a natural talent for recalling useless/random facts, which I likely will include in this blog, but I can never remember simple things like passwords or pin numbers (I'm pretty sure customer service knows me by voice).
As one of your devoted Lowe Worldwide Interactive Immersion Bloggers (longest title ever) I will keep you updated with posts about presentations and, most importantly, about the brilliant people filling the seats. For those of you attending the LWII, be on the lookout for me. I'll be like a little shark/sponge, cirling and absorbing everything, but please don't hesitate to wave me down to chat (even if it's just to tell me I have toilet paper trailing from my shoe). For those of you who are unable to attend LWII, I suggest you check this blog religiously. Ok, maybe an overexaggeration, but you'll be missing out on more than a trip to New York if you don't.
I look forward to seeing everyone bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Wednesday morning!

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