Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hello eh

In Canada there isn't much there except for snow, the Inuit (not Eskimos, as that is a derogatory term), igloos, and delicious icicles mixed with imported fruit flavoring. That's why when Fefa asked me to help cover the Lowe Worldwide Interactive Immersion Event, I was more excited than a 7 year old Japanese boy playing Tamagotchi in the mid 1990s!

As a 7th quarter Miami Ad School student I am looking forward to meeting all the people attending the event and learning a little from each of them. Hopefully, I'll have something interesting to say about the people I meet though, I promise nothing.

As blogger number three, I will be the third person to ask attendees the same question for the third time. Keep an eye out for me and we'll have a chat eh?

See you all later,


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