Thursday, May 24, 2007

love is in the air.....

After J and J delivered their brief to the group, the workshops began. The pre assigned globally diverse teams scurried to all corners of the studio space; some perched on the rooftop sundeck, some took some ground in the garden, while others congregated in the cozy bedroom spaces.

Each group was assigned a different platform for exploring the brief (see earlier blog entry), all equipped with a “touch of love” goodie bag.

Two hours later, it was time to present.

Here are some highlights:

First in the hotseat were the Gaming group. The group concluded that men and women game differently. To engage women in the game, they might be interested in behaviors more related to snacking rather than aggressive blood baths or competitions. The idea is that when women purchase a j and j product, they receive a pin. The pin then leads to a game with a certain behavior that appeals to women. Wearing the pin represents being in the community, and the end goal IS the community.

Website The next group tackled how love would live on a website. The group proposed that the website could represent a place where people can give and receive little touches of love. There little touches of love are exchanges, which relates to generosity. This website would therefore establish an emotional territory for generosity.

Mobile. This group presented how the language of love could live on the mobile platform. Random acts of love can be provoked on the cellphone space used as a portal. This gets more involved and can include messages that send tips on massages, and ladies nights sponsored by j and j for pampering. The group stretched the ideas further by suggesting specific tones on the phone that could relate to love or heart beats. And finally, they considered that Bluetooth could be activated to pick up areas where love is in air - in the form of a massage, or beauty treatment.

The social networks team first considered what it is that binds women aged 25-45. They suggested: guilt. J and J could start a guiltfree campaign. It could be an open blog of how women deal with guilt, or what they feel guilty about. This could lead to a Worldwide guilt free day, sponsored by Johnson and Johnson.

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