Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The life of Johnny

According to Microsoft this is the development of the technological adoption of children today.

Johnny 0-12: At this young age, I'm too hyper off candy and cartoons to really have a loyalty to any particular technology. I like to watch TV a lot... and eat lots of chips and candy.

Johnny 12-17: At this age I like to talk to my friends through IM because my parents like to keep me at home where they can keep me safe. I would like to hang and go skateboarding with my friends outside but I have no freedom :( boooo. I still watch TV but it's no longer the cool thing to do because I like to make friends on the internet. Let's not mention Grand Theft Auto baby!!!!!!

Johnny 17-24: FREEDOM hell yeah! Now I'm computiing and gaming less cause I can go out and I got me a new Palm Treo cause my parents will give me anything I want... SWEET! I'm hanging with my friends late nights and chatting up my buddies over my new cell. I'll still watch TV but I'm mostly networking on my phone or internet. But what I love best is to make new friends online and make lots and lots of friends online... MySpace all the way!!!!!!

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