Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Where's Google going with this?

Given the relaxed feel of the people from Google, these guys came in with suits. Shocking, but they had something interesting to show and tell.

Google is now going full speed into the advertising business. No more text only hyperlinks next to search results, they're going after the whole pie. Are we out of a job? No... at least not all of us.

Using their technological prowess, their mammoth size, and their spiderweb of connections, Google is now making advertising smarter, leaner, and faster.

Google is creating a widget that allows marketers to measure the effectiveness of an ad by using their ability to harvest information from consumers. How many people in Tallahasee Florida searched for Saabs after we ran the print ad? How many people changed the channel when our XM Ad came on (yes they can see what you're doing at home!)? All of these help to optimize our message and media buys.

Let's get some stats and sell some ads.

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